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Some of the fences we specialise in?????????????

We can help control your weeds!

Weed can come in many shapes and sizes and we have a method to deal with all of them. Your children won't know how lucky they are to be able to run around a yard bindi or thistle free. Avoid costly vet fees by keeping hazardous weeds away from your livestock. We operate with a 6 metre boom on a 4WD and a 2 metre boom on a quad bike for selectively spraying pastures and lawns. A 500 litre tank with 2 guns for spot spraying and knapsacks for gardens.


Licenced Contractors


We are fully licenced operators, holding a commercial operators licence as well as an ACUP for restricted hebicides and control of rabbits. Bramall & Co Pty Ltd have $20,000,000 public liability insurance.



Blackberries are an unsightly weed that can grow large rapidly. They house fox, rabbits and have nasty thorns.


Every year that passes berries form and drop to the ground, taking seed with ​it, inturn producing more weed the next year.

Cape Weed


Cape weed can take over lawns and paddocks within a couple of seasons. They are prolific seeders with thousands of seeds in every flower​.


Bramall & Co Pty Ltd can selectively kill the cape weed and other broad leaf weeds and still leave your grass healthy and stong.

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